How To Put Dean’s List On Resume (Plus Samples)

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The dean’s list is a term typically used to describe the highest academic achievers in a particular department or program. The students who make the list have usually received awards for their accomplishments. Resumes that include the dean’s list are usually those of recent graduates. Recruiters look at this information to see if you have excelled in your field of studies which can be an added advantage during the process of applying for a job and interviews.

If you made the dean’s list, then it is advisable to add it to your resume under the education section of the resume. You do not need to include a separate line for it because it is part of your education section. You also do not need to include every semester because recruiters are more interested in seeing that you did well overall, rather than just one semester.

For example, if you attended school from fall 2010 to spring 2014, and made the dean’s list every semester except fall 2011, then only include three semesters: spring 2010, spring 2012, and spring 2013.

Should You Include Your Dean’s List In A Resume?

If you’re a student who was placed on the Dean’s List, you may be wondering if you should include this honor on your resume. The answer is yes if it directly relates to the position for which you are applying.

If you’re applying for a job at an accounting firm and were on the Dean’s List for accounting classes, absolutely include this accomplishment. On the other hand, if you are applying to be a lifeguard and were on the Dean’s List for engineering classes, it’s probably best to leave that information off your resume.

In addition to focusing on your job-related academic achievements, also concentrate on those areas in which you have work experience or volunteer experience. When employers see that you have real-world experience in addition to classroom skills, they will be more likely to take interest in your resume.

How To Put Dean’s List On Resume

There are three main ways to include this type of accomplishment on your resume:

1. Include it as a bullet point in your education section. If you have limited work experience or are looking for an internship, including a bullet point under your education section is a great way to show off your success in academics.

2. Put it in your profile summary. If you have more relevant work experience, consider putting this information in your profile summary, which is located on the first page of your resume right below your contact information. You can use this area to quickly highlight some of the key skills and accomplishments that make you uniquely qualified for the job.

3. Use it as an icebreaker during interviews. If you would prefer not to include this information on your resume, consider bringing it up during interviews (or when networking). It will demonstrate that you’re passionate about academia and learning, and can be a great way to bring up how you plan on using what you learned in school once you start working.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to put Dean’s list on resume

How do you list dean’s list on resume?

You can list the Dean’s List on your resume under your education section. Here are some examples:

Dean’s List (4 semesters)

Dean’s List for every semester

GPA 3.5, Dean’s List

If you were on dean’s list every semester and this is a point of pride, I would put it in the education section like so:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2018

GPA 3.7/4.0, Dean’s List (all semesters)

Should you add Dean’s List on resume?

The answer to this question depends on the job you are applying for and the program you made it to the Dean’s list. If it is a job that requires high grades, then there is no harm in adding it on your resume. On the other hand, if you are applying for a job that has nothing to do with grades, then there is no need to add the Dean’s List on your resume.

If Dean’s List is the only academic accomplishment you have to talk about, then yes, by all means, include it. If you’re a recent graduate with little or no work experience, then it makes sense to put emphasis on your academic achievements.

Is Dean’s List Impressive?

Yes, Dean’s list is very impressive. Being on the Dean’s List may earn you some perks at your school, such as priority registration for classes, scholarships and invitations to special events or programs reserved for high achievers. It can also be an impressive accomplishment to list on your resume or job application if you’re competing against other applicants who didn’t make the cut.

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